ScoTt CurrentlY Lives in boston, massachusetts, working with musicians and studios to create Diverse Time-based media

Scott honed his creative, artistic, and technical skills at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. While studying animation and graphic design, he learned and practiced traditional, tangible mediums as well as digital methods and skills to work into time based narratives.  Scott currently works as a video editor for Harvard University, as well as a Production Assistant for Brickyard VFX in Boston, MA.

As an animator, Scott is process driven, experimental, and diverse. The foundation of his art is a love for creative writing and a mixture of  traditional mediums paired with digital editing and effects. His work is heavily involved in the Boston, New York, and Nashville music scenes, and has been composed of drawn animation, motion graphics, VFX, and stop motion. 

Scott's body of work has been created in an exploratory nature. Through the process of art making, he creates a theme, a common ground, and if needed, a narrative. The process of play and interaction allows for growth and betterment from both himself, and his art.